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SUNSKIN UV-DERM FACE SPF50 Tinted Cream Light 1

3 in 1 …. Sun Protection, Foundation, Moisturiser


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SUNSKIN UV-DERM FACE SPF50 Tinted Cream for your ultimate sun protection  . This multitasking marvel offers broad-spectrum defense against harmful UV rays, all while delivering a natural, healthy glow. Formulated for daily wear, its lightweight texture ensures comfort throughout the day.

Shield your skin from the sun's damaging effects with the powerful SPF50 protection of Sunskin Light pump 1. Crafted to safeguard against both UVA and UVB rays, this cream acts as a barrier against sun-induced damage, helping prevent premature aging, dark spots, and sunburn.

Infused with a subtle tint, the cream effortlessly blends into various skin tones, providing a touch of coverage that enhances your skin's appearance. The lightweight formula allows your skin to breathe while offering a hint of color for a radiant finish.

3 in 1 (Sun Protection, Foundation, Moisturiser) -  SUNSKIN UV-DERM FACE SPF50 Tinted Cream

  • SPF 50 TOTAL Spectrum Sun Protection (UVA, UVB, HEV & IR-A)
  • Breathable with Anti-Pollution shield
  • With iron Oxide
  • Light colour tint for face
  • Cream-Gel consistency & Moisturiser
  •  Even tone with excellent coverage
  •  With antioxidants Ubiquinone
  • Squalane to keep skin healthy
  • Modern filters / blockers
  • Water-Resistant


For Different shades like light 2 shop here

Ideal for daily use, this tinted cream seamlessly fits into your skincare routine. Whether you're heading to the office, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply stepping out, Sunskin UV-Derm Face Tinted Cream becomes your reliable companion, ensuring your skin stays protected and looking its best.

Effortlessly absorbed, it leaves no residue, also enabling makeup application or solo wear for a fresh look. Therefore streamline your skincare routine without sacrificing safety or radiance.Indulge in a multitasking sun shield blending SPF50 protection with a hint of tint. Uplift your skincare regimen with Sunskin UV-Derm Face Tinted Cream, relishing nurtured, shielded, and naturally glowing skin, day after day.

Lastly , Elevate daily sun protection with Sunskin UV-Derm Face SPF50 Tinted Cream. Experience the convenience of SPF50 defense fused with a touch of tint for a radiant complexion. Streamline your routine while ensuring nourished, safeguarded, and naturally glowing skin.

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