Lamelle, Evidence-Based Innovation

Combining the elements of well-researched interventions, clinical experience, ethics and in-depth knowledge of the client and consumer’s needs, Lamelle continuously pushes the boundaries of what products in the medical aesthetics industry can achieve, consistently delivering first-to-market products.

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This range of products are developed through a rigorous program of research, review, meticulous production and constant improvement. But one of the core reasons Lamelle is able to do this stems from a deep understanding of how the body and the skin works, as well as a constant drive, to gain even more insight.

Lamelle Offer The Best Possible Results


Prevent and treat
Lines and wrinkles, Poor skin texture, Sagging, Thinning, Uneven skin colour/tone.

Age Prevention

Prevent and treat
Fine lines, Textural change, Dark circles, Skin luster, Early changes in pigmentation.

Problematic Skin

Prevent and treat
Dark marks, Inability to use rich products, Mild to moderate inflammatory acne, Pimples ,Inflammation - Sensitivity, Adult-onset Acne Vulgaris, Oily Skin.

Sun Protection

Prevent and treat
DNA damage, Sunburn, Pigmentation, Dehydration, Aging, Lines and wrinkles, Poor skin texture.

Evidence-Based Innovation

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