RegimA -Overnight Regenerative + Firming – Anti-Ageing Masque 50ml

Regeneration whilst sleeping.


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RegimA -Overnight Regenerative Masque : promotes the restoration of your skin’s natural flexibility and firmness. Packed with natural ingredients that restore the skin’s healthy cell functions and target the sagging of the face, gravitational folds, as well as wrinkles. Whilst also actively promoting the redefinition of youthful contours and a radiant complexion.

By promoting skin regeneration whilst sleeping, RégimA’s powerful Anti-Ageing Masque aims to awaken you with rejuvenated skin. This is achieved by utilizing cutting-edge ingredients at optimal percentage efficacy, working to restore the skin’s natural flexibility and tightness.

These ingredients, crafted by pioneers of natural actives worldwide, play a vital role in restoring the skin’s ideal healthy cell functions. As a result, general sagging of the face, gravitational folds, and expression lines visibly diminish. The synergy of these powerhouse actives promotes re-definition of more youthful contours and the restoration of a radiant complexion.

Lift, Firm, Tone, Slim & Sculpt

  • Stimulates the break down of fat & fat cells
  • Regains skin elasticity and restores skin contours
  • Promotes skin oxygenation for a smooth skin surface
  • Clinically proven results
RegimA -Overnight Regenerative Masque  constains a synergy of powerful bio-actives have been shown to limit the development of fat masses, particularly in the abdomen and thighs, helping to facilitate the elimination of fat by stimulating lipolytic activity and adipocytes.
Specific plant polyphenols combine to provide a dual action which stimulates biological cell functions against mechanical stress by tightening the dermal network.


Gently massage a thin layer of cream solution into the target area such as thighs, inner knees, abdomen, upper arms. You may feel a cooling sensation.

Key Ingredients:

Inter-Penetrating Biopolymer – visible lifting, firming and elasticising
Nasturium – facilitates the diffusion of oxygen
Hydrolysed Celosia Cristata – short and long term effect on the reduction of fat cells
Rosa Canina – natural diuretic to reduce excess fluid in the skin tissues

RegimA -Overnight Regenerative + Firming – Anti-Ageing Masque 50ml

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