RegimA – Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver 50ml

RegimA – Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver. Our breakthrough formula empowers you with a smart solution to control sebum production = a shine-free complexion.


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Product Description

Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver + ßeta-Endorphin Stimulator

Spf 25 Medium UVA/UVB Protection System

Introducing the RegimA Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver, where liposomes deliver a ßeta-Endorphin Stimulating Complex. This groundbreaking technology yields a sense of well-being, leaving your skin smoothed, firmed, and refreshed while maintaining optimal moisture balance. It also promotes skin regeneration and anti-wrinkle activity.

Specifically derived from a variety of plants, including meadowsweet, watercress, burdock, sage, lemon fruit, as well as  ivy, along with niacinamide [Vit B3], these carefully extracted actives synergistically address oily and problematic skin. Subsequently their triple-action approach combats excess sebum: inhibiting the enzyme responsible for overproduction of sebum, contracting dilated pores, and curbing bacterial growth to prevent acne complications. This blend also purifies the skin from bacteria-produced toxins, acting as a natural astringent to clear and tighten pores, visibly reducing blackheads. Furthermore , the inclusion of advanced oil-soluble Vitamin C ensures potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, providing essential sun protection without unwanted shine.

Directions for use:

AM: Cleanse with RégimA cleanser. Apply RégimA eye products and serums. Apply 2 pump depressions of RegimA – Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver to face and neck, as one would a daytime moisturizer, avoiding eye area. Allow a minute prior to applying make-up.

When exposed to extreme sunshine reapply as necessary.

Use in conjunction with other RégimA Zone home care.

MUST NOT be combined with any other product range

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  • ßeta-Endorphin stimulating, produces a sense of well being
  • Multiple action
  • Sebum-regulation
  • Prevents bacteria development
  • Reduces pore size
  • Helps prevent blackheads
  • Natural astringent properties
  • Reduces skin shine
  • Purifying skin from toxins produced by bacteria and fungi
  • Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant

Unlock radiant skin with RegimA – Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver:

  • Beta-Endorphin Stimulator: Experience well-being with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits, wrinkle reduction, and high-tech UV protection.
  • UVA & UVB High Tech Protectors: Stay shielded with water-resistant, broad-spectrum UV filters for comprehensive defense.
  • Meadowsweet: Control sebum, balance hormones, and prevent acne complications for clear, healthy skin.
  • Synergistic Plant Complex: Regulate sebum, fight acne, and enhance skin tone with a blend of powerful botanicals.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Reduce inflammation, improve acne, and promote a smoother complexion.
  • African Whitewood Extract: Combat shine, minimize pores, and achieve a matte finish.

Combine with other RégimA ZONE products

Not to be used in combination with any other product range

RegimA – Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver 50ml

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