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July 22, 2020
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Bespoke Fragrances


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Our imported perfume oils are very good matches of existing designer fragrances. They will last much longer on the skin as they aren’t diluted with alcohol (as a perfume normally would be) and this means that they evaporate at a much slower rate and thus give a more “holistic” experience of a fragrance. 

The perfume oils can be applied directly to pulse points (wrists, behind the ears etc). 

They can also be used to layer your fragrance, as a small amount can be added to an unfragranced shower gel to create a perfumed shower gel, or added to an unfragranced hand/body cream to create a perfumed cream, thus creating a very luxurious fragrance experience.

Bieu De Chanel


Contre Moi-15ml



Girl of now-15ml


Light Blue- 15ml

Myrrh and Tonka-15ml

Olympea- 15ml

Orchid Soleil-15ml

Oud Ispahan

Velvet Orchid

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Bieu De Chanel, Chance, Contre Moi-15ml, Flowerbomb-15ml, Gabrielle-15ml, Girl of now-15ml, J`adore-15ml, Light Blue- 15ml, Myrrh and Tonka-15ml, Olympea- 15ml, Orchid Soleil-15ml, Oud Ispahan, Velvet Orchid

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