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We are committed to providing you with top-notch waxing services that will leave your skin silky smooth and completely hair-free. With our unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee a comfortable and highly effective waxing experience that surpasses all your expectations.

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  • Basic Bikini R160
  • Brazilian R240
  • Hollywood R270
  • Full Arm R205
  • Full Face R230
  • Full Leg R255
  • Lip + Chin R150
  • Tummy line R105
  • Underarm R140
  • 1/2 Leg R195
  • 3/4 Leg R210
  • 1/2 Arm R150

Hair Removal With Our Incredible Team Has Some Huge Benefits

A Little More Information About Waxing

Waxing involves applying warm wax with a spatula to the hairs that will be removed, applying a paper strip over the wax, pressing gently to ensure that the hairs adhere to the paper, and then quickly removing the paper to remove the hairs.  

Finally the hair removal Experience You have Wished For


We are a little obsessed with giving you the best hair removal experience possible. Most of our treatments will have you in an out of our beautiful salon in under an hour.


We are accessible and much, much, more precise and less messy with our work than you could be at home. Remember... we do this thousands of time a year.

Smoother For Longer

It takes longer for hair to grow after waxing more often. The hair follicles get deadened after waxing. This leads to slower hair growth post-waxing.

Less ingrown hairs

A waxing procedure involves pulling your skin taut and quickly removing the wax or cloth. Ingrown hairs are less likely to form as a result of this more accurate, less painful process when done with professionals such as us.

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Perfect hair removal guaranteed.

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